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When I was young (… 1990 .. gloups:-) ) I started my PLM experience through CAD and publishing tools. My father had an engineering company and all drawing was done on drawing tables and a lot of paper!! In order to publish some sexy manuals, I started to re-design products in 3D CAD tool (Autocad) an add textures and scenes on Max:-). During summer holidays I worked in deployment team for those products and discover design issues to fix onsite… lack of time and money! When I started to work after computer science engineering school, I naturally go to PLM side. At that time (2000) PLM was just a simple CAD configuration management and document management and offer a very interesting world to discover and opportunities to innovate in a well known area. Since then PLM is my main professional activity.
As a technical expert in computer science and skills needed to install properly Windchill in 2000 and to fix performance issues:-) Architecture is a very exciting world and one of my favorite. Due to the scope evolution of PLM solutions during the last 10 years, enterprise architecture is really interesting regarding business process vs linked solutions (ERP,MES,Simulation,MRO etc..). This transformation needs innovation on process, tools and how to use and integrate them in order to be more efficient and long-lasting. Innovation is my credo…
Methods and tools are coming together, no tools without methods and methods without tools today even if it is only a pen and a paper. Given my interest in new methods in PLM or mainly focused on productivity (individual or collaborative), I always try to find new tools and integrate them in order to use productive methods in an efficient way.

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