Blockchain is today one of the concept or implementation trying to find his place over the industry. After bitcoin experience and valuable concept in order to be able to offer a real certified list of distributed transactions, what could be the benefit of this concept in other areas? I was thinking of this real and long war between several systems (PLM, ERP, MRO, MES etc…) and the stupid Editors war trying to catch functional areas as part of their core solution or expanding their solutions just to catch some new business even if not naturally compliant with. Today with mainly big data areas it is possible to bridge this gap for data, but it still not a certified bridge but mainly potential links between them and not enough in some cases.

Why do not use blockchain concept in order to bridge this gap? In a product lifecycle we are using a lot of solutions in order to manage product data and processes, these solutions are based on different COTS and for most of complex products each solutions is managed by different companies and so distributed responsibilities. The idea in this concept is to let each entities responsible for their activities, recording and certified transactions done out of control of their own system(s) by a blockchain system.

This system could offering valuable outputs:

  • Certified and accessible transaction records on the product
  • Ability to build/aggregate a real product definition
  • Enabling transactions audit in case of issues/improvements
  • Complete product traceability
  • Extending services capabilities

2 majors capabilities seems to be very useful : traceability, or being able to have a real status of the product at any time avoiding long and costly audit in order to re-build it from scratch for complex products. Certified, imagine that any registered services companies can maintained a product in state of the art and recording transactions enabling warranty and/or manufacturer support … 🙂
Let’s explore this new distributed product configuration and up to date!