Today with the deployment of agile methodologies we are pushing teams from hierarchical structure to flat self organized teams. This is not a simple change… this kind of way of working is really a big gap for Teams but also for managers.

Many organizations are migrating from classical structure to agile one and we are just at the beginning of this transformation journey 😉 Today in agile methodologies we still have some specific profiles :

    Scrum Master : in charge to keep the dynamic of the team but not at all the old Project Manager goals
  • The Release Train Engineer (RTE)
    Product owners

And finally the self organized team in order to deliver the project.

Luc Boucher - Agile

What is interesting in « self organized »?

what I like in the concept of self organized is the fact that when we need to deliver something, each individual can give their own view and propose himself to deliver a part of the global delivery. This is ensuring the understanding of « what have to be delivered », « I’m confident to be able to deliver it » and the most important, I want to be the owner and I’m accountable of it.

I’m already hearing you saying : yes it should be … yes … in the Bisounours world 😇. Not sure… this way of working can be really efficient but, to be efficient, we need trust and freedom from … managers? NO! There is no manager… it must come from the team itself 😌

So, why do we still have specific profiles?

That’s a good question. If this way of working is so efficient why not extending it to the whole delivery team?

Probably because we are in a transition phase : Managers have to see and recognize this efficiency and organizations have to perform a deep structure revolution. Traditional organizations have build their empire based on job profiles/domains and levels and now we are saying : build a team with expected expertises and they will organize themselves to deliver the most valuable product… but this will come later…

What is the most important right now?

The most important right now is to let the team being able to deliver value as expected and it is not so simple in this transition stage. Specific profiles are still there and most of time are known as « Managers » or « Experts » and most of time team freedom is not there due to old way of working…

  • Ending…

  • Let’s manage this first transition by enabling self organized teams and we will have some fun for wider transformations 😏